Are Your Cabinet Doors Peeling?

Let The Experts At Replace Them!
Do you have cabinet doors that are peeling? Are you wondering what can be done & why that's happening? Many of us have kitchen cabinet doors that are made of MDF that is covered in a white foil wrap. Over time the adhesive may give out and the foil wrap starts to let go of the MDF it was applied to. Water damage around the sink area is another reason for damaged kitchen cabinet doors made of MDF or painted cabinet doors or stained & laquered cabinet doors. Many of these finishes are just not designed to stand up to water.

So here's where Craig W. Morgan Enterprises can help you improve your look with out the cost of all new cabinets!

kitchen-cabinet-replacement-before-and-afterWe provide cabinet door replacement by installing new kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts made from either MDF or real wood according to your desired look and budget. We'll come out and meet with you, show you some sample door options and provide you with a written proposal along with our TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

MDF CABINET REPLACEMENT DOORS are the least expensive door replacement option. Our finishing technique is a spray finished primer followed by sanding between coats. Then two additional spray finish coats of a satin finish paint is applied.

Here is where our 35 year background in the finishing industry comes into play. - the finish we use is not a laquer which does not hold up to water over time. Our finish is rated for interior & exterior use, so its going to handle water by the sink area much better than your old cabinet door finish. We provide a two year limited warranty just to give you peace of mind.

We'll help you select your new kitchen cabinet color as part of our process. Creamy off whites and grays are the look for 2015!

REAL WOOD CABINET DOOR REPLACEMENTS can be provided in a paint grade maple. Paint grade maple is a bit more cost than MDF but will keep your kitchen makeover cost reasonable while at the same time allowing you to have a "shaker" Door style which is not available in MDF!

NEW BLUM MOTION HINGES WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY are what we install along with your new doors. Blum is a leader in the kitchen cabinetry hardware industry!

CABINET HARDWARE is the finishing touch on your kitchen makeover! Beautiful kitchen cabinet knobs and handles will really set your kitchen makeover apart from others . We will install your existing kitchen cabinet hardware if you prefer. However, the upscale look of a painted cabinet can really be defined by the hardware you select. So we encourage you to take a look around. Check out Consider a larger 5" handle( The distance between the two mounting screws) On cheaper cabinet hardware the space between mounting screws is @3" however if you go to a larger handle you upgrade the look of your kitchen makeover tremendously with just a minimal investment in better hardware!