Faux Finishes

Faux Finishes Are Not Just For People Who Live In Palatial Homes

They are also very practical for areas with high traffic, not to mention liquids and foods, such as the kitchen. Venetian plasters with a sealer coat applied or Old world finishes with latex clear coat applied, can mimic old plaster or stucco with no actual texture on the walls, & you can wipe it all clean.

Raising teenage boys, I understand how kitchen walls take a beating with hungry kids making several visits to the refrigerator per day, not to mention if you have pets who roam the kitchen. So, I personally have Venetian plaster throughout my kitchen and eating area! It’s an earthly red that inspires conversation & appetite!

We are happy to bring our faux finish samples to your home to help you create your vision. We will work with you on color palate & suitable faux finish options for the space you have selected.

You’ll love what we create for you!