You’ve been staring at this same old kitchen for years now & it’s showing its age! All the magazines in the stores show bright, clean, creamy colored kitchens.  You’d like a new kitchen to walk into every morning, but spending $10,000.00- $25,000.00 for a new kitchen is out of the question. Not to mention weeks of construction in your home, with your tight schedule.

So, here’s how we can help!
At we provide kitchen makeovers!

What is a kitchen makeover?
Here are a few scenarios. Pick one that seems to fit for your vision & call us for a free consultation.

Kitchen makeover #1- Your cabinets are a stained dark finish with a lacquer clear coat.
Solution: We can refinish your cabinets to a brighter paint color of your choice!

We begin your kitchen makeover with covering your floors with rosin paper & your kitchen countertops with plastic. Here is the good news, you don’t have to empty your cabinets! WOW! The next step is to remove your doors & drawer fronts & label them for reinstallation. These are taken to our climate controlled shop. There we sand them with two different grades of sand paper, clean them off with a TSP solution & let them dry. Then a factory sprayed finish of oil based primer, and two finish coats of a Satin finish, designed for cabinetry finishing, is applied to both sides of doors & drawers. The first two days we are in your kitchen. We clean, prime & paint the exterior face frames and then you have your kitchen to yourself. We find that telling your family you need to eat out during this process makes it a lot more fun for everyone! On the following week we return with your refinished kitchen cabinet doors and drawers wrapped in protective blankets. We install them, do any needed touch ups, and clean up. Your kitchen Makeover is now complete in a little over a week!

Kitchen Makeover #2- Your cabinets are MDF and the foil wrap on them is peeling.
Solution: Please see our cabinet door replacement page .

We do offer a reasonably inexpensive solution compared to a kitchen refacing project that often start at @$16,000.00. We will show you some replacement door style options in MDF or real wood. Either kitchen cabinet replacement door can be finished as described in solution # 1. So, in this scenario maybe you’re looking at $3-4k for door replacements & $2-3k for refinishing your existing cabinet face frames a long with finishing your new doors & drawers. Have some fun with the $9,000. we saved you. Please see our Pinterest page for some great kitchen makeover ideas.

Your replacement door Kitchen Makeover will take about 2-3 weeks depending on your choice of either MDF door replacements or real wood door replacements.

Kitchen Makeover #3- You want new granite countertops & refinished cabinetry.
Solution: We work closely with a local, experienced granite installation company.

We will meet with the owner, a husband & wife team. They will template your counter tops. Then you can go to their showroom & warehouse to select your granite. They are reasonably priced & they complete projects in a timely manner!

Once you have your granite selected. We will provide a free color consultation & make larger color sample swatches for you to look at during various times of the day, in your kitchen. This way you get to see the color at night and in the daytime, before committing to the actual refinishing color of your painted kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Makeover # 4 – You need to organize & make the interior of your cabinets more accessible.
Solution: Please see our Cabinetry Pull Out page!

Free yourself of having to stoop down and crawl into the back of your base cabinet just to reach that Tupperware that’s back there. To assist you in organizing the interior of your painted kitchen cabinetry, we can design a system of beautiful wood pullouts. They are made of 5/8” White Birch, with a UV Clear coat. They come in a variety of heights so you can even put three cabinetry pullouts inside a base cabinet, if that’s what you need. Perhaps it’s a deep sided cabinetry pullout that will hold your blender or food processor that will make your kitchen makeover even better.
We’re happy to help you make your life easier with the installation of a spice rack, tray dividers and half -moon Lazy Susan’s. Please let us know when you call us that you want that included in your kitchen makeover, so we can come prepared.

Kitchen Makeover #5 – Your walls need a fresh look to go along with your refinished kitchen cabinets.
Solution: Please see our Faux Finishes page!

Final touches! To compliment your refinished kitchen cabinets & pull together your Kitchen makeover, we hope you’ll entertain the idea of a gorgeous faux finish on your kitchen walls. We have 20 years of faux finishing expertise, including venetian plasters- the most durable and elegant of faux finishes.

Please let us know when you call that you want that included in your kitchen makeover & we’ll bring out some samples.

Our focus is to provide you with professional, courteous service, that will transform your kitchen into a new look! A kitchen makeover with Craig W. Morgan Enterprises will avoid the new cabinet construction issues and the high costs of re-facing or new cabinets.