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Are you wondering what can be done & why that’s happening? Many of us have kitchen cabinet doors that are made of MDF that is covered in a white foil wrap. Over time the adhesive may give out and the foil wrap starts to let go of the MDF it was applied to. Water damage around the sink area is another reason for damaged kitchen cabinet doors made of MDF or painted cabinet doors or stained & laquered cabinet doors. Many of these finishes are just not designed to stand up to water.

So here’s where Craig W. Morgan Enterprises can help you improve your look with out the cost of all new cabinets!

We provide cabinet door replacement by installing new kitchen cabinet doors and drawer fronts made from real wood.  We’ll come out and meet with you, show you some sample door options and provide you with a written proposal along with our TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY.

Some helpful tips and information to help you with your next project

Your kitchen cabinets are one of the most expensive furnishing in your home.

When choosing a professional to paint your kitchen cabinets it’s a mistake to think it’s a job that any painter can do. Many house painters will simply spray your doors in your garage or basement with overspray possibly getting on other things in those areas. Furthermore, those areas are not climate controlled. If it’s cold or too humid the paint may freeze or not cure properly. You will then have problems down the road with your painted cabinets possibly peeling! Dust & debris in a garage or basement is also not conducive to a smooth, clean factory finish that you desire on your kitchen cabinets.

Instead, hire a kitchen cabinet refinishing company that is dedicated to painting kitchen cabinetry every week! Make sure they have a climate controlled shop with a drying room that will allow for the paint to dry properly, void of dust & debris.

Craig W. Morgan Enterprises has the proper climate controlled systems in place to provide professionally finished kitchen cabinets. We then wrap each finished door & drawer in a protective blanket for delivery back to your home!

A typical refacing job starts @ $16,000. & up! They will usually replace your doors & drawer fronts. However, your face frames will be covered with a thin veneer, which has been problematic for many homeowners. The veneer does not do well by heat, for example cabinets by your oven or toaster oven. In time the veneer will bubble due to the heat.

A typical painted finish averages @ $3,000.00 & up. This consists of sanding your existing doors & drawer faces along with the exterior of the cabinet boxes or face frames. We then wash everything with TSP to remove grease & debris. A high bonding  NO ODOR primer is applied. A high Quality LOW ODOR satin URETHANE FINISH paint is then sprayed to both sides of the doors & drawer fronts.

In addition, a typical kitchen makeover with door & drawer replacements made from MDF may average @$3,000.00! Replacement doors made of wood are more costly. However, a paint grade maple is not much more than the MDF and can be manufactured with a wider variety of style doors.

So, what will you do with the estimated $10,000.00 we can save you on your kitchen makeover?

What is the company’s service reputation?
Have you looked at online third party client reviews, not just reviews on the company website?
Are they dedicated to satisfied customers?
Do they provide a detailed contract with a start date?
Do you know how long they will be in your kitchen?
More importantly “who” will be working in your kitchen?
Is it a subcontractor, or a dedicated employee who cares about your kitchen makeover & your home?
Do you need to empty out all the cabinets?
Do they communicate well?

Ask all of these questions before you hire! It will make or break your kitchen makeover experience.

The company you work with should provide a warranty. It is in your best interest to pick a company that has been around for several years because if you need assistance they are more likely to be there in the future to honor the warranty and provide service support.

Why Choose GLAZED-Cabinets

A few of the reasons our clients trust us with their kitchen and bathroom cabinet refinishing. 


We are passionate about our work and engaging with our clients. We deliver first class customer service and the highest standards of excellence.


As a BBB + rated small business we provide you with peace of mind by having a detailed contract along with our TWO YEAR WARRANTY given to you the day we meet with you!


Our team has over 4 decades in the finishing business, and our in house COLOR CONSULTING will take the Angst out of color selection.


All products are No Odor or Low Odor with quick turn around time. Most projects completed in 6 Business days.

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